Since Homestuck is coming back from the dead, I might as well too.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been off tumblr for quite a while. And I still have 166 followers!

I’ve had simultaneously too much and too little going on. In January and February, I did some research on a very cool Amazonian (Arawakan, to be specific) language with a guy who wanted to write a paper about it, so a professor hooked us up with a conference that would be interested in our work. During the spring and early summer, we had to write the five-page abstract to be submitted to the conference for consideration, which was incredibly stressful for me. Then it got accepted (thank god) and I spent the rest of the summer alternatively anticipating the new release of Dwarf Fortress and worrying about the conference, and not participating in HSO at all, even though I’d signed up. Then in August, I went to the conference (which was very cool and less scary that I had thought), and immediately after that I moved. Then the quarter started up. I’m technically on leave this quarter (for scheduling reasons) (but I’ll probably still be doing a language class on the side anyway), but I am still a grad student, and this is my last year, and I’m expected to do an internship at the end of it, so I’ll have to start doing job-hunting and graduation shit starting in the winter.

During all this agonizing free time I’ve had, I’ve been rediscovering Dwarf Fortress, Pirates of the Caribbean, Into the Woods (hooray for the movie in December), M. Butterfly, Lord of the Rings, old theater stuff, and basically a lot of stuff I used to be way into before Homestuck. I bought myself a lot of DVDs as a very belated self-birthday present. I’ve been spending a lot of time sitting around with my cat and reading PotC slash from 2003. It’s very calming. (If anyone happens to remember any recs of basically any pairing, I would love to hear them.) If I hadn’t happened to be checking various internet places today, I would have totally missed Hussie’s update.

Anyway, I will at least try to keep up with tumblr (and Homestuck when it updates again), but I doubt I will be writing any more HS fanfic (or, alas, finishing what I started). I think my days for writing big meta may be over too, unless something really cool happens in the last parts of the comic.

Thanks for reading my wall of text, if any of you are still watching, now you know I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth.

Why are craigslist apartment/roommate hunters such flakes? A ton of them sent me emails about the ad I posted, but only a handful actually responded when I asked if they’d like to come over and take a look at the place, and of those that actually came over, only one got back to me after that and he was after the deadline I originally set. And then there was the guy who set up a time to meet and then just never showed up.

On the flip side, the last time I did this I had to tell someone the room was no longer available, and a day later they emailed me asking, “so, when I can see the place”?

I hate people.

sweetlyunicorns asked:

I saw your post about the princess bride. Most if it is explained in the book I believe. I know the holocaust cloak is for sure. And I'm not sure if you said this it not. But at the cliffs of insanity, the rope is just *there* in the book as well. No explanation.

Yeah, I someone submitted a list of the things that were explained in the book.  I never thought about the rope on the cliffs of insanity, though - I just kind of always assumed that Vizzini had it installed before the adventure and then had Fezzik climb them down it afterwards.

I’m pretty sure the misspelling frequency approximately checks out with hussie’s/dave’s SBaHJ

Ok, looking back, the first one actually does look pretty true to form, but there was not one thing misspelled in this one! It feels wrong. Granted that there’s not a lot to misspell. I guess this is one form of humor KC Green can actually manage pretty well, though…

Yeah it’s all meant to be intentionally ridiculous. Regarding anything touching on Wesley, he’s basically perfect at everything which, while an explanation, is itself just as ridiculous as what it’s meant to justify :)

Oh yes. I especially liked the part where they are sailing to the cliffs of insanity, using the wind, and Wesley is sailing behind them, using the same wind, and is somehow gaining on them. I didn’t even bother with anything to do with Wesley.

From theairbitesshrewdly:

been a bit since i read the book but here’s what i remember:

  • humperdink smells the powder, smells NOTHING, and determines that it must be iocane b/c nothing else smells so much like nothing, i guess.
  • fezzik saw count rugen while he was on the brute squad
  • iirc, inigo hears westley’s scream and identifies it as the sound of true despair (something along those lines), recognizes it b/c it was “the sound his heart made” when his dad died, and reasons that the man in black is the only one who has any reason to be in true despair
  • "go back to the beginning" was always vizzini’s backup plan, established before they ever came on screen, in case things went wrong
  • i don’t have an explanation for the picnic. the picnic is just there
  • the dagger is also implausible
  • count rugen wanted to humiliate him further i guess and decided to leave the sword behind. he’s just a dick
  • i don’t know
  • the book has “long passages” that were “cut” from the “original version” - an original version which doesn’t exist - and the fictional editor (the little kid in the movie) adds in little explanations of the things he skips over, which were supposedly long, detailed tirades of political satire. and one of those “skips” is over the part where inigo and fezzik go to collect ingredients for miracle max, and they get a holocaust cloak along the way

there are the not-really-that-plausible explanations that you didn’t ask for

Thanks dude, that was informative. (I was aware of the whole “original version” joke, but didn’t know which parts were “elided”.) Here it is, if anyone else wondered too.

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