I’m kind of liking this thing where there’s a new Paradox Space page every night. Maybe it’s just because it’s been so long since Homestuck updated, but it’s like, no matter what happens during the day, there’s always something to look forward to in the evening.

And much as I wish it would fill in all the blanks in the canon timeline, I like that there’s apparently going to be post-Game (or no-Game?) AUs as well.

maybewecan asked:

sometimes the way they do words in homestuck reminds me of 1984's newspeak, combining two or more words to describe something instead of using one, more descriptive word

It’s been a while since I read that, but I seem to recall that the reason for doing that was to remove words from the lexicon in order to restrict how people could think (which is pseudoscience, but whatever).  Maybe some of the compounds in the troll language is a result of the original sea dweller language being used to create new words to replace land dweller terms, sort of like how on my other blog I’ve declared sea dweller seasons to be compounds, while land dweller seasons are single roots.

Fun Peruvian language I am working on for a syntax class:

  • I will mark pronoun arguments on the verb
  • And aspect, and mood
  • And plurality, but I won’t tell you which argument is plural
  • And a whole bunch of directional suffixes
  • And derivational suffixes
  • And noun classifiers
  • And incorporated nouns
  • Basically, ALL THE THINGS on the verb
  • Except tense, that will go on the pronouns
  • And you can only have one noun phrase per sentence, noun bad, verb good

I swear to god, American languages

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